emerging markets of Nike

By | December 2, 2017

Price for the market, difficult choices .However, a high-profile brands to enter the domestic market very different line, Nike is not expressed throughout the strong desire to enter the second and third tier markets. You can not find nike air max 24-7 entry point? To this end, the investment bank UBS has recently supported a move to the Nike — low-priced products.

Market price in exchange for recognition can it? The current mainstream of Nike shoes is to look for different consumer groups feel the younger generation. Protect their feeling is very important.

And Adidas, Puma and other international sports giants like Nike’s sales network in China now mainly located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities. However, with the store operating costs such as rent on the rise, and Li Ning, Anta, Olympic, special steps and other domestic sports brand coded layout of the first-line market, growth has been far les As a result, the industry generally believes that such second and third tier cities will be the Nike brand’s next international.

Is like a game of football, both sides scored the other half trying. To Adidas, Nike sporting goods, represented by foreign giants, hopes to reach further extended to second and third tier cities in China. Recently, Nike said that the next 5 years which includes large emerging markets including China, will be about 10% annual revenue growth rate. Although no detailed description of strategies, but the first-line nike air max 2009 market, operating costs rose significantly, the industry have predicted second and third class cities will be the focus of the next phase of Nike, which means that Nike will “invasion” of the domestic brand site. However, this is not a one-sided game, as Anta, Olympic took the lead through secondary and tertiary markets of these “get rich” and “grassroots” brand, apart from consolidating the advantages of the region, but also coveted first-tier cities.

his is bound to be an offensive and defensive wrestling each other. For all walks of multinational giants, China, India and other developing countries not only manufacturing base, it is consumption, “potential shares”, the market position of increased year by year. The third quarter of 2009-2010 fiscal quarter, Nike’s revenue growth of 7% gain. “Was appropriate for the good performance of emerging markets.” Nike this outspoken.

According to statistics, Nike earnings for the quarter increased 6% to 496 million, profit of $ 1.01 per share. In the same period last fiscal year profit of 244 million, profit of 50 cents per share. Sales increased by 7% to 44 billion U.S. dollars, with the year-ago quarter.

In accordance with Nike for the fiscal first three quarters of total income in emerging markets $ 3,580,000,000 estimated revenue for the fiscal year about 50 billion U.S. dollars, an annual growth of 10% would mean that by 2015, emerging markets need more than 8 billion U.S. dollars revenue.

Where the best in the performance of the nike air max 90 brand is represented by China’s emerging markets, sales in China rose by 10%. In view of this, Nike in terms of emerging markets have shown an unprecedented attention. It is said that Nike has made estimates in the next 5 years its revenues in emerging markets, a rate of 10% will become the business development of key areas.

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