I Highly Recommend Nike Victory Red Tour Driver

By | January 30, 2018

For some players, how a club looks is almost as important as it performs. In fact, they often go hand-in-hand. The VR Tour driver from Nike Golf exceeds on both counts.

VR stands for Victory Red, and the newest series of drivers from Nike Golf is definitely the best yet. In my case, Nike Golf provided me with its VR Tour driver ($ 549), which is not adjustable and smaller than its larger SRT8 FIT VR driver at 460cc.

The SRT8 FIT technology allows you to adjust the club’s clubface position, but not everyone wants or needs that ability.

The Nike Victory Red Tour Driver is loaded with power and performance. Designed with the best player in the game — Tiger Woods — the Nike VR Tour Driver with Nike Compression Channel Technology delivers power like a 460cc head while providing great shot shaping capabilities. If you worry about the price, you can find discount for golf online to save some money.

A distinctive red Compression Channel runs from toe to hell on the sole of the club and helps produce a higher and uniform velocity across the whole clubhead. The Compression Channel makes the sole of the Nike Victory Red Tour Driver less rigid and has allowed Nike to offer a premium driver that retains an impressive level of forgiveness on even the occasional off centre shot. 



For those traditional purists, this pear-shaped head allows for visual confidence and shot shaping execution. The Tour Velvet Full Cord Grip provides the all weather performance of Golf Pride’s exclusive Velvet Cord material for a firm, comfortable grip that allows consistent performance and playability

The Victory Red Tour driver has a smaller, pear shaped clubhead compared to the VR STR8-FIT Tour driver. As well as delivering the low spin rate and penetrating flight that the best players demand the clubhead also offers an unrivalled beauty and elegance.

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This VR Tour looks as good as any driver on the market, but it’s got some more tricks up its sleeve that contribute to performance. Mine also came with a custom white 73-gram Mitsubishi Fubuki shaft, which none other than Tiger Woods has used in his driver.

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