Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica

By | December 14, 2017

The Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica is in the category of the Nike Dunks tailor-made for women, other products in the same category being the likes of the K Jax Nike Dunk Women’s Custom, the Nike Dunk High 6.0 and the Nike Women’s Dunk High Birch Ice Pink, to name but a few. I have always wondered what all the hype on Nike Dunk products was all about, but I have to admit that since getting to use these shoes, I have gotten thoroughly enchanted with it.

The Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica, as one gets to realize soon after encountering it, get its name from the fact that it is ‘polished’ with white Mica print through out its entire surface, making it rather alluring in a subtle way (where you find yourself attracted to something, but can’t tell exactly why). The shoe also has a number of other premium features, that is, features you won’t ‘typically find in any shoe’ hence the ‘high premium’ portion of its name.

The greatest attraction to the Nike Air Force, one has to admit, is in its simple elegance. This simplicity is conveyed through the full white color scheme Nike employs in making it; which sets it apart when it is taken into consideration the fact that most other Dunk products have tended to be way too colorful for people’s whose idea of elegance is defined by simplicity, or people who considered themselves too old to be seen on the more colorful dunk products. It should be noted that when mention is made of simplicity with regard to the Nike Air Force, it does not automatically or in any way translate to ‘dullness.’ On the contrary, while the Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica is monochromatic, the appeal of the white color employed is considerably enhanced by the Mica polish, which makes the product not just white, but ‘glossy white’ to be specific.

While White is the base color of the Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica, though, it is notable that there are hints of red on it, one of which appears on the upper most part of the shoe’s tongue. Clearly though, the red doesn’t come out boldly and doesn’t interfere with the simple elegance of the basic white color scheme otherwise employed throughout the shoe.

Nike Air Force is a high shoe, and seems to have no apologies for the fact. In addition to the considerable height of the shoes body (which starts out modestly, before peaking towards the center, only to recede towards the back); the whole shoe turns out to be a high elevated affair, thanks to the considerably thick sole Nike employs in making it.

To tie the Nike Air Force 1, Nike avails to you a combination of both a flap and a shoe-lace. The flap is towards the top of the shoe (at the shoe’s highest point); and it’s a matter of conjecture whether Nike has put it there for aesthetic or for the practical purpose of complementing the shoe’s 18 hole threading mechanism.

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