Nike Air Max ? The Customization Craze

By | December 26, 2017

There is no doubt that nike air max 2010 are amongst the highly popular basketball sneakers of all, just as Nike Air Jordans are. In fact, their popularity has much to thank their low profile lightweight soles, designed particularly to help specific basketball moves like pivoting and blocking. But there is more to Nike Dunks; they are created to bowl you over.
Nike air max are honestly straightforward by looks, even though every model boasts of distinct styles outer sole with characteristic low profile and double stitched seams are unmistakably like trade marks. But what surprises you is the strikingly low weight as they are all made using only six ounces of rubber and three ounces of leather, a common factor across countless models and variants. Secondly, hardly ever more than a couple of colors are used which sounds quite uncharacteristic going by the vibrancy of Nike Air Jordans.

However, the demand-supply gap is willfully skewed in favor of demand and consequently many authentic models are rare to find. You can relate the vacuum with the shooting up of price in secondary market. Aside of this, customization trend has caught up feverishly whereby air max 90 are texturized, redesigned by painting and dying which, of course, looks cool depending on how the job is done but it worsens the availability of authentic pieces. Puritans may disagree; however, thinking rationally, if rents can’t be outlawed, or if God must be accepted, then why can’t the passions of an anonymous sneakerhead be accepted; after all, this is what drives the fortunes of an entire model and its campaign.

Nike Dunks are designed by many rational and extraordinary designers besides Antonio Sant’Elia and Umberto Boccione which can be made out by the drastic differences between countless releases. There are breathtaking designs by Roberto Clemente which every interested Dunks fan dies to buy. Likewise, some rare nike air max 2009 and their customs are designed by Smooth Tip Productions but unfortunately, most of these are pretty hard to find. Flowing green/gray shapes that run up to the lacing eyelets characterize these Nike Dunks on the front panels. There is another custom Nike Dunks, created by C2 Customs, whose images are heavily circulated on the internet, again, are pretty hard to find. There is some good news for fans, though; the prolific designer is up to designing another pair of custom Nike Dunks to be named as Submerged Safari. Keep your fingers crossed; these aren’t going to be easy to find in stores, so it is better on your part to get prepared for the “Shoe Rush”.

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