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By | January 31, 2018

In the shoe with a completely different process, we will face their own challenges.” As Innovation and breakthrough designers Nike designed the NikeAir and NikeShox other leading air sports shoes. But the Hawks do not meet these innovations, he was particularly interested designers to rely on geometry nike air max 2009 rather than chemistry, to re-design the next generation of sports shoes. In the manufacture of basketball shoes, designers are using a natural material, the heel, to replace the plastic heel cup. Hawk said: “We are not envisaged filler foam lining and filler focus on the application of bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber as filling material is renewable.”

It can be said Nike bionic design to achieve a pinnacle of excellence. Driving force behind the seven: material revolution, to challenge themselves and Nike, to admire the Department also issued its often difficult to find their own creative driving force within the hair. Chief Design Officer John? Hawk hope that through continuous innovation and footwear materials to make footwear for sustainable development, green industry: the manufacture of sports shoes are no longer using the traditional rubber, adhesives, plastics and other toxic materials. Hawke told the designer said: “The design of new shoes, to try to forget the glue, adhesives, plastics and other toxic chemicals.

Is the largest treasure trove of inspiration in nature, nature is full of mystery and fantasy. Nike designers who are looking for biological in nature to a an exciting surprise. Jordan Series shoes one of the architects: TateKuerbis most proud of the successful design Jordan 19 Generation (AirJordanXIX). 19 on behalf of Jordan is one of the most poisonous snake in Africa who learn the design philosophy, which is the black mamba nike air max 90 snake, which is the most toxic and the world’s fastest snake. It’s up to 19 kilometers per hour chase prey, once it bites people, the mortality rate is almost 100%.

It is worth mentioning that Jordan 13 generations of the design concept is also from animals, it is totally natural to the Panthers into the speed and dexterity of 13 generations of designs, the momentum of a movement are shrouded in Granville shoes around. Jordan 19 generation of the most unconventional design, is the surface of imitation snakeskin shoes woven shoes.

Woven plastic snake skin as a reference design, in motion and no fold and the impact of foot feeling more, the shoes will be automatically along with the deformation of the foot twisted to form a hard plastic fiber shoes, because of their toughness but can not be too exaggerated upper deformation, both served to protect the foot nike air max 24-7 injury, but points as well as the role of deformation, but also would not impede the user’s own resilience and foot during exercise any reasonable action.

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