Nike Dunk SB Low Premium Medicom IV White

By | February 4, 2018

The  Nike Dunk SB Low  is their 4th generation od Dunk Low SB, but this time it is a premium edition, featuring  white snake skin. This commemoratie release features insoles embossed with the Roman numeral “X”, signifying their 10th anniversary. Nike Dunks Medicom 4 for Medicom Series Lovers. Nike’s got another pair of nike dunks low sneaker that they will be dropping really soon. What they are showing us today is a new colorway of the low model that designed as a joint collaboration between Nike and urban toy company Medicom. This shoe utilizes a neutral grey colored Gore-Tex fabric, which is a weather proof material. It is called as the Nike Dunks Low Premium WP Medicom 4 Gore Tex. Nike is that shoemaker that has fulfilled all these parameters by their wide range of Medicom Series, and that is why we regard them among the top brands in the trade of shoe manufacturers. You cannot deny the fact that the flashy color combination attracts the eye more often than the single colored ones. But even the single colored ones can give the multi colored designs a run for their money, if the color combination is rightly chosen. You may not be wishing for the insertion of different colors, but certainly you can incorporate different shades of a single color. Nike medicom 4 are comfortable, they give great performance, superb quality and style, and they are lightweight.

I’m sure a lot of sneakerheads have seen this Nike Dunks Medicom 5 in several colorways before and if you guys noticed, this new color up is a little different. The Nike Dunks Medicom 4 features in superior GORE-TEX fabrics for the purpose of waterproof and moisture permeability. The best evidence for it going to be very limited is that they are manufactured by the highest quality Nike factory in Taiwan extraordinarily. From the official announcement of BKC (Babekub City) which running under Medicom Toy, it is confirmed this clean and waterproofed pair is the 5th generation of BKC Dunk SB. Once you have Nike, you are assured that Nike Dunks Medicom 5 is lightweight enough to put on, and the linings are well contrasted by quality GORE-TEX fabrics, to ensure the stability of the shoe. The excellence of the design is nothing short of mind-boggling,and the style and beauty of the concept. Every detail is 100% quality.

nike medicom 4 is nothing less than a firestorm sweeping the world of fashion.