Nike Sasquatch Sumo 5000 Driver is astonishing!

By | January 16, 2018

Nike SasQuatch Sumo 5000 Driver trying to find the middle with the long ball? Looking for some shape to your shot? Thanks to SasQuatch Sumo geometry, the strategically located CG (center of gravity) gives you the freedom to work the ball and laugh in the face of even the most sadistic course designers.


By updating the body shaping and improving their PowerBow Weighting, Nike Golf have given their Sasquatch Sumo 5000 Driver a deeper, father back centre of gravity designed to aid workability, letting you shape your shots accordingly while its high Moment of Inertia powers your shots straight and far with outstanding forgiveness.


Features Of Nike Sasquatch Sumo 5000 Driver:

SQ Sumo 5000 Geometry — The deep-faced profile and rounded Nike PowerBow design offer the best in performance options, allowing you to hit it long and straight, or shape it like the game’s best players

Nike PowerBow Weighting — The Nike PowerBow design strategically positions weight in the clubhead to optimize the CG location. Accepted by players on all levels, the PowerBow stands as true innovation which results in longer, more accurate drives


I’m a beginner (4 weeks of lessons so far) and have a cheapo set of clubs. While the irons feel nice, the woods feel like a floppy wet noodle. I can’t hit the driver with my set off a tee at all.Bought this driver because the price is reduced to a smokin’ good deal (lefty clubs on sale suddenly??) and reviews say it is forgiving and hits well.


I tried my 1st hits tonight as was able to SMACK the ball with this driver over and over vs. can’t hit anything but the tee, ground, etc with my cheapo woods. What a great club. As I get better and better I’m sure I’ll appreciate it more and more.    


In words, it is a great driver. For many golfers it is also astonishing. More information at    


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