Nike started to rely on innovation

By | January 20, 2018
by tnarik

Here, some people think that the supply chain of innovation and marketing success is the core competence of Nike. This is, of course. But for the young domestic sports brand who, as a global manufacturing center, the Chinese enterprises enjoy the same enterprise and the world supply chain advantage, while the publicity and promotion of the domestic market has become more homogeneous means. In this case, technological innovation and a brand, is to determine how far the Chinese brand ultimately the key elements; and learn from good business skills and nike air max 24-7 experience, but also domestic enterprises can quickly narrow the gap between the international giants easy way. Therefore, as living in the most dynamic and promising markets in the local sports enterprises, faced with rare opportunities for development. If they can fully learn from foreign companies and technical and management experience at the same time, strengthen technical inputs and a brand, in time, regardless of size or revenue from the sales value of brand, are bound to be a world-class sports brand in China appear.

Second is the emphasis on the core spirit of the brand building. Nike founder Bill. Bowerman once said: “As long as you have a body, you are an athlete. And the world as long as the athlete, Nike will continue to grow and develop.” Core spirit brands such , making the Nike sports products focus on the market, and focus on the service needs of the athlete. As the movement continues to market segmentation, Nike also differentiated the different products. Now the company’s products include apparel, shoes, sports equipment and so on.

At present, ranking first in the world (by brand value) of the sports brand Nike. While competitors such as forest camp in the sports brand, Nike is only a young man, was a latecomer to the letter. Nike (NIKE) brand was established in 1972, established more than four years. And we look at the ranking of several sports brands such as adidas (Adidas) and Puma (Puma) have been established in Germany in 1948; Umbro (UMBRO) nike air max 2010 was established in 1924; Converse (Converse) Founded in 1908; Reebok (Reebok) is earlier, was established in 1895. So why the four young Nike period of time less than a decade as the world’s oldest sports brand? How to defeat those who have a long history of strong competitors? I think there are three magic wand is the most worthy of our particular those more young Chinese sports brands study.

Therefore, new products and new technology research and development as the development of domestic enterprises is an important bottleneck, we must break through. This breakthrough in the existing conditions, the most effective way is to rely on companies, countries, several aspects of the strength of research institutions. Enterprises should be willing to invest, the government needs a certain policy and financial support, research institutes put their own direction and business and market research combined. Only then nike air max 90 will we have the sports industry R & D level may quickly move closer to the international advanced enterprises, be possible to eventually catch up with international advanced technology, the growth of the Chinese sports brand technological foundation.

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