Nike’s Sportband Device For Runners

By | December 22, 2017

Runners are fascinated with Nike Sportband due to its may assists to their professional. This tool can be used by everyone, from the one striving for making running their life-long career to the one just trying to lose some pounds or to stay healthy. This simple tool can be a great addition to your running outfit. Serving as an interactive pedometer, this device can track several statistics about each run with only a one-button operation to turn it one or off.


So what makes the SportBand unique? The device actually detaches from the band. The underside of this detachment is also a USB port. This utility allows you to upload your workout information. The device tracks your distance, your pace, your average pace, the amount of calories among other things. The one touch button makes it a simple on/off for when you stop for rest or hit a crosswalk. The SportBand is water resistant so you can run with it anywhere, rain or shine. The device also includes a sensor shoe insert to track each step you take.


All of this is fascinating, a one stop shop for your running tracking needs. But what makes it so special? The USB port is what makes the SportBand unique. The device allows you to upload your runs and track them over time. Over time you can see your personal best, or your average run times and distances. You can notice trends in your runs and how far you are going. For those of you who do not enjoy the run, this device provides a positive reinforcement to show exactly how much you have done.


The tracking is an important aspect of the device. Tracking is important for several reasons. It shows your progress. The goal of exercise and working out is to get better. For those of you running to be healthier, this shows your real world results. It is also important for those of you in training. This device shows the distance you can cover and the time it takes you to make it that far. Over time you can trend your improvement, show real results and keep track of how much better you have become.


All of these utilities are great, but Nike has taken one step further. Joining the Nike SportBand site allows you to register to a worldwide set of users. Push yourself further from the motivations of others. This feature also allows you to challenge your friends and family. Imagine being able to trash talk your friends in a friendly competition to push them further. The website also lets you see how you compare. The Nike SportBand has added a new spin onto a piece of reliable technology. Running, tracking and even trashing have never been easier.


Review by Indeshaw Adenaw


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