Ronaldo Luis Figo Wear Nike Shoes Blisters

By | February 3, 2018

Because the new wearing Nike shoes, the feet of Ronaldo played seven blisters, which makes Romania fat very accurate. Although Nike Lo fat quickly solve the problem, can be followed, Nike’s Luis Figo, Ronaldo, who also has complained that Nike air max 90 shoes so that they blistered.

A forum on the Brazilian team have a sports medicine professionals have pointed out, Ronaldo is due to the foot injury NIKE he belongs to his company produced new shoes on. The medical experts claim that the reasons for the formation of blisters mostly the result of inflammation, bacteria, viruses, parasites (scabies mites), or allergic reaction can cause inflammation. The blister prevention method is to use the general shape of the shoe along the foot, so to say, Ronaldo’s new shoes is certainly not consistent with the foot shape. This pair of fat blisters that Romania is the new NIKE shoes company famous “Assassins three” soccer shoes, “Assassin” series of soccer shoes are designed for players who are known to speed the design, at the same distance of 10 meters He can let the players ran more than 30 cm. In addition to Lo Fat, the Figo, Ronaldo, who was also wearing a pair of sneakers debut World Cup. If reality really is like Ronaldo said so, NIKE’s new shoes may have a problem. The expert pointed out, probably due to the foot shape, the new shoes in the foot shape is quite narrow, so to a certain extent, wrap the feet of the players have a protective effect, the start-up will be some advantages, but because of parcel over tight in recent years, and some of Ronaldo’s body fat, thus giving rise to blisters situation.

Romania fat is because if wrapped too tight shoes cause foot blisters before, then Luis Figo, Ronaldo is because why? In Portugal, two key players that distress, the Nike has sent emergency teams to Portugal Resident, re-measure for the two sizes air max LTD, and said the new shoes as soon as possible to the two hands.

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