Silver Anniversary of NikeStore

By | December 11, 2017

Earlier this year when the Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared” was re-released, P-Rod and his staff at his Encino, California-based skate shop Primitive teamed up with the lovely Justene Jaro to promote the sneakers in a series of seductive photos. After appearing on the sites website and making their way around the blogosphere, the pictures were eventually applied to a couple dozen t-shirts, which have since sold out. In an effort to capitalize further off the photos, Primitive has turned them into large 17′ X 21.25′ posters. For Cheap Nike Shoes you get both 2 double-sided posters which show the curvy Filipina/Boriqua bombshell, who’s seen holding the posters, wearing nothing but her underwear Infrareds. There’s been no mention on how many posters have been produced, but seeing how there was a high demand for the t-shirts, we’re sure they won’t last long no matter how many there are in existence.

If you received an email from somebody claiming to be Mark Parker, Nike’s CEO, inviting you out to the Nike Campus in Beaverton, naturally you probably suspect the email to be some sort of joke. This was such the case with Japanese artist Haroshi. Haroshi has created quite the buzz by creating three-dimensional art pieces from old recycled skateboards, so much so that it caught the attention of Nike’s top brass. Amazed by his innovation, Mark invited Haroshi out to the Nike Campus to work with the team of designers in the Nike Innovation Kitchen to create his very own Dunk. Mark is seen holding the air max 90 sneakers in his hands, which feature a layered wood design to go along with the running theme of Haroshi’s wood artwork. As it stands now, it’s believed the sneakers are just one of a kind and aren’t intended for a retail release. If we hear otherwise we’ll let you know.

the sneaker customizer who’s brought us creations such as the Nike Air Flight Lite “Buzz Flightyear”, provides us with a peek at his most recent work of genius. For this project, ST!ZO was commissioned by a professional gamer to create a pair of Nike Dunk’s inspired by Microsoft’s top-selling video game series HALO which he could ultimately wear to his next video game tournament in Las Vegas. With a Black and Green base and accents of Gold, the sneakers carry a theme depicting the battle armor that Master Chief wears in the popular Xbox video game. Since there’s been a lot of bootleggers in China ripping off ST!ZO’s designs and mass producing them base off the detail photos he’s known to provide, the artist is only presenting us with a single photo of the shoes, along with a video to further display the shoes.

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