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Puma World Cup In South Africa, Those Firms Battle Adi Nike – Puma, Adidas, Nike – Shoes Industry

by daniel.julia HC shoes Network May 24 hearing, in World Cup History for a long time, the jerseys do not need to design it the same as ordinary street T shirt, a solid color of the fabric through a simple cut, re-printed Arabic numerals, put the players, it becomes jersey. Similarly, a pair of Sneakers… Read More »

Battle between Nike and Adidas in China

by rafael-castillo Long-term position at the high-end brands, Nike and Adidas to bring premium products enough, and they gradually return to the process of brand, these products can become a premium price they waved a butcher’s knife advantage. In 2010, Nike released the 2009 fourth quarter earnings report showed that China Nike EBIT margin up… Read More »

Nike and Adidas brand strategy

by feetsgood Through cost accounting, calculate the price of Nike shoes, cheap – 300 yuan / double, 25% lower than the current price. How to make the lower part of the price that consumers can obtain the pursuit of self-individuality, while maintaining the consumption demands of the middle class, catch up with the face of… Read More »