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Technical Brilliance of Nike Dunks

by cjkershner The story of Nike Dunks goes back to Grammy awards when these pairs of shoes were gifted to the winners. The left out pairs were then sold in the stores. The main reason behind choosing these shoes for Grammy Awards were that they had gold swooshes surrounding the shoes. The Nike Company is… Read More »

Seven Reasons to Buy Nike Dunks

by The Bees Nike Dunks from Nike were designed with the intention of giving you the maximum comfort and safety, on the basketball courts or even as you are walking down the street. In terms of looks and general appearance, they exude class and sophistication, while retaining the utility and durability value for a long… Read More »

The 5 Most Preferred Nike Dunks

by wallsdontlie Though Nike Dunks have been around for many years now and they have introduced many styles and models since then over the years, some of them still remain fresh and are preferred by many over the others. Given the opportunity and availability of stock, many would still purchase these preferred styles of Nike… Read More »

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Nike Dunks

by feetsgood Males have had the privilege of having sneakers designed keeping them in mind for a long time and it has been only occasional that certain sleek sneakers have been made that is supposed to appeal to women. Nike have now come out with utilitarian high performance sneakers that can be worn by both… Read More »