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Nike Sports Shoes Admitted Two Foundry Business Over Overtime – Sports Shoes, Nike, On Behalf Of The

by feetsgood HC Shoe News Network January 25 2005 to-2006 fiscal year, the global sporting goods giant Nike CEO Mark? Park (MarkParker) announced fiscal year 2011 to eliminate the foundry business over the phenomenon of overtime. But the fact that the phenomenon of Nike foundry work overtime increased rather than decreased more than 2 percent… Read More »

Puma World Cup In South Africa, Those Firms Battle Adi Nike – Puma, Adidas, Nike – Shoes Industry

by daniel.julia HC shoes Network May 24 hearing, in World Cup History for a long time, the jerseys do not need to design it the same as ordinary street T shirt, a solid color of the fabric through a simple cut, re-printed Arabic numerals, put the players, it becomes jersey. Similarly, a pair of Sneakers… Read More »