The Christmas series Nike air max shoes

By | January 19, 2018

Just like heaven and hell, black and white is relative, like  in the main War on Christmas, James and Kobe Bryant of the opposition. Before Christmas Special Edition James Lebron8 V2 is a cute Santa Claus, in addition to the green laces and white  logo outside the main red; and Kobe Bryant Zoom VI Christmas section is bright green body, only the head and soles of the ZK tongue Department class shoes logo in red, while the corresponding LEB8 V2 white  logo, the shoes selected black, the body follows the same shoes, lizard scales exactly like the material, the inspiration comes from the head of Santa “Christmas blame Jagger Lynch” skin color and texture, like the Christmas theme of war, like ‘s theme is Santa Claus PK Grinch, nike air max 24-7 VS Kobe Zoom VI.

In China, after a 18-month extrusion and discounted products, Adidas’s sales growth in the third quarter, returned in the next five years, Adidas plans to achieve the two per year in China the percentage of growth.

Adidas, Reebok will grow Under the new strategic plan, the “Reebok 2015”, Adidas’s goal is to achieve a 15% portfolio growth, higher than sales growth, gross profit in the business in 2015 at least 11%.

Adidas and Reebok brands will account for 45-50% sales growth plans 90% more.

Tencent YORK, Nov. 23, a month from the time the Christmas Wars,  Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat for Christmas this war launched Kobe Zoom VI ‘Christmas’ Christmas special section of the shoes, but also specifically used with the nike air max 90 ‘Christmas’ version features contrast color design, both in color contrast.

co-operation with the PlayStation brand is nothing new, so far, including the two already work together launched the PlayStation 15 Anniversary Edition, including many limited edition sneakers. The launch of two new products this time, it is absolutely super rare, the future is bound to become collectors are among the popular.PlayStation launch the  and two new products, namely PlayStation Move the Zoom Huarache training shoe style, and the Special Forces boots, inspired by Sony’s first party of the FPS masterpiece “Killzone 3.” Two products with different features, which highlights the concept of PlayStation games, without losing the design of ‘s own style.
Sony’s PlayStation Move and the “killing zone 3.” Currently no official announcement that two new specific pricing, but fired in view of the high nike air max 2009 price before the PlayStation Air Force Ones and PlayStation Air Trainer 1, not difficult to imagine that the price after the listing of two shoes certainly scary.

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