The innovation trajectory of Nike product

By | January 27, 2018

When the U.S. business community to Peter Drucker (Peter F. Drucker) s will summarize the innovation, Professor painstaking homage to the law of the time, Nike seems to have assumed a dismissive look indifferent. Professor Drucker’s most innovative, successful innovation in particular, are conscious, purposeful search for innovation opportunities, results, and opportunities exist only in the few cases. In a company or an industry there are four kinds of internal innovation opportunities: First, unexpected things, the second is inconsistency, that process needs three, four is the industry and market changes. In addition, the external business and intellectual and social fields, there are still 3 other Discount nike air max innovative opportunities: First, demographic change, the second is the concept of change and the third is new knowledge.

When the Boston University School of Management Professor, Professor, Everett.Lord prominent academics, and competitive strategy at Harvard University, Senior Fellow, Anita? Mai Jiaen track proposed changes with the moving industry, the Nike is scoffed. Because as the world’s dominant sporting goods Nike, it is the trajectory of the industry’s chief painter of well-deserved. Mai Jiaen Nike in terms of the theory of Professor little significance.

Despite the innovation of Professor Drucker rules more or less product innovation in the Nike found similar trajectory, but Nike seems as Professor Drucker discusses innovation in law proud of it ” Innovation Kitchen “(Innovation Kitchen) Design Studio, understatement and brooding, which in the posture that is only in the summary of Professor Drucker’s innovative Nike law only.

Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton air max 90 , Oregon City, the headquarters building is a named Mia? Graham (MiaHamm) architecture, Nike product innovation incubator – the “Innovation Kitchen” is located on the building of a layer. The real achievements of millions of dollars in the value of the Nike brand sports shoes Nike is in the kitchen, one interpretation of the legendary story. For the majority of visitors, and even the staff of most Nike Innovation Kitchen is a mysterious virgin. Because the design studio was filled with thousands of new athletic shoes, sports clothing design sketches Nike in the sports market is the one to lose ground weapon.

Although Nike is known for the spirit of rebellion, but it does not turn a blind eye to all the academic theory, ignored. Management guru Tom Peters sonorous words: “do what you do best, outsource the rest” (Do what you do best and outsourcetherest) but was regarded as the golden rule of Nike, has been pursuing nike air max ever since. As we all know, Nike used “dumbbell” corporate structure, dumbbell at one end is the product research and innovation, the other side is the brand of integrated marketing, slender middle part is the product of manufacturing. This structure in China, dubbed the beauty of the devil figure.

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