Sports Brand Nike Public Relations In China – What Nike Sale

By | December 11, 2017

We all know, Nike is the most expensive sports brand Adidas is not only higher than the price of other international brands, is several times as Li Ning And other famous sports brand. Nike said the high price simply because the quality of their products is obviously too one-sided, and as we saw earlier, Nike is not only selling products, but also cultural values. Nike was the most expensive, not only because it was the best, but also because it is in the minds of consumers “cool (Cool)” brand. Hill & Knowlton, a survey of 1,200 college students showed, Nike is the consumer in mind the “coolest” brands. In the minds of consumers, Nike best embodies the individuality, creativity, dynamism and vitality of the basic value of leisure.

In China, these concepts is the most popular cultural experience, with branded content such as value-added products, Nike high prices no longer a question of the consumer in mind. Moreover, Nike’s high price has not become an obstacle to its sales, but success of Nike in the Chinese market unique brand value?? Cultural identity. Nike unremitting culture as remodeling and sports activities, Nike has to some extent become a symbol of popular culture, as consumers of cultural identity hearts convert points. This achievement is clearly Nike managers themselves are not foreseen. In short, Nike sold in the Chinese market is a “cool” and “fashion” of cultural values, their brands points of difference and the core competitiveness is a kind of cultural identity and social identity to rely on the consumer experience a sense (Sense).

1999 Nike began to market low-priced Chinese sports product, the price reduction strategy, instead of as Nike to develop a new consumer market, instead of the original high-price products are widely questioned consumers. The face of loss of consumer trust and brand position in the crisis, Nike had to quickly withdraw troops Ming Jin, instead consolidating high-grade and high-price market. In fact, Nike pricing strategy is the failure of a side reaction from the Chinese consumer awareness and positioning for Nike is not just sports, but also high-grade pop culture and fashion, Nike is not just sports, or individual and free-living symbol of middle-class income and status symbol. Therefore, in terms of lower prices for Nike is a very wrong choice. Interestingly, not Nike have chosen the high price market, but the high price market chose Nike. If Nike wants to cut prices to expand its sales people, it is necessary to abandon the competitiveness of the brand is facing the predicament of losing the brand consumers rely on a sense of culture.

After losing, the price reduction strategy, Nike is also aware of it as a brand in the minds of Chinese consumers the unique cultural status and symbolic function, and therefore to strengthen public relations and marketing, while popular culture promote the further development of Chinese sports industry involvement and in the secondary and even tertiary cities of more proprietary point to fully tap the potential consumer market. Nike has recently further expanded Sports Marketing The mode and scope of running a large number of Star Advertising, promotional and personalized fashion brand concept, its core brand value of bonus points.

However, with consumer groups and market expansion, Nike’s marketing line of American pop culture is bound to touch the basic framework of the concept of Chinese culture, at the same time, plus sports stars to promote model also can not be competitors are not Copy of absolute superiority, and its middle class for high quality, high price positioning will become a bottleneck in the development of its size. Cultural and sports marketing in the U.S. balance of formation of popular culture and local culture in China, Nike unique cultural identity model may be one of the options.

Reshape the boundaries of culture?? Nike public relations headed?

Nike plus sports star is not a marketing model is not copied, Nike’s first competitor in the global market, Adidas on the successful use of a large number of sports stars to increase their brand awareness. In the Chinese market, Adidas also are held in the streets of major cities in consecutive basketball and basketball performance in the young people to build brand identity and loyalty.

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