Tracing the Nike Dunk Story

By | September 28, 2017

The Nike Dunk was brought into this world in 1985. It came to be known as the Nike Terminator’s twin and had the distinction of having several colors and sizes to suit every taste and requirement.

Reintroduction in 1998

When Nike reintroduced its collection of Dunks in 1998, its appearance and profile had undergone a change. It had a lower sole towards its outer part as compared to the earlier Nike Dunks and that was with a purpose. This series was designed keeping the basketball requirements of needing to pivot and block in mind. The paneling also underwent a revision. This helped Nike launch the “College Colors” initiative for which it teamed up with many college and university basketball teams along with the respective coaches for a unique advertising campaign. This campaign enabled every college team to have a distinct identity based on the color of their pair of Dunks and in this manner; the campaign was a thundering success. These shoes are now considered as works of art and continue to inspire many fashion designers.

1998 – 2000 Nike journey

Nike created another masterstroke when they introduced these Dunks in other colors that were much different from the basketball team colors. Their release of the same Dunks in reversed colors did a lot to popularize the brand and the product amongst other less sports oriented public and very soon, everybody wanted to purchase a Nike Dunk. The period between 1998 and the year 2000 saw Nike come out with styles that featured a nylon tongue along with solid arch supports and when you compare them with the releases of today, you will notice the rugged but secure feeling that it used to provide at that point in time to people who took to sports and were concerned about twisting their ankle. Since then, the product has been vastly popular and trusted for its durability and safety and that is evident in the ever increasing production numbers rolled out by the Nike factories.

Foray into skate culture

The Nike basketball collection of shoes became such a hit that people started confidently using it for skating secure in the knowledge that they would be protected by the superb stability and sole, which provided for such wonderful on ground grip and bounce. It was in this backdrop that Nike went ahead and launched its Dunk series specifically for skating and skateboarders and called it the Nike SB Dunk.

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